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Breast Cancer Awareness

In This Issue:
Mammograms: 5 Tips for a more comfortable exam • Kathy Buxton: Serving her passion through the Pink Ribbon Cupboard • Nancy Cross: Building support and awareness is a gift Nancy is happy to give • Self Exam: Steps and tips to help you recognize abnormalities • Sarah Oehrlein: A "gut feeling" told Sarah to press for more testing

Dear Readers,
We are so very honored and thankful to our featured women who were willing to share their very personal and compelling stories with us in an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer.
Special thanks to our advertisers, who make this publication possible with their support.
Many thanks!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016

• For My Mother: Patty Middleton Miller lost her mother just before her fifth birthday. Missing her mother, she has spent a lifetime raising awareness.
• Deb Exsted: A painful lump in her armpit was a symptom of breast cancer Deb Exsted didn't expect at just 36 years old.
• Mary Linder: A mammogram saved her life over 20 years ago. With her through the battle was her family and faith.
• Mammograms: New 3-D Technology is now available in the Brainerd lakes area.
• Breast Cancer Stages: Stages of breast cancer defined.
• Self Exam: Steps and tips to help you recognize abnormalities.
• Terms to Know: Common breast health and diagnosis terms.