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SALUTE: Veteran's Day Remembrance Book

Veterans Salute 2016 Issue

• An Unlikely Ally - By Zach Kayser: Veterans don’t have to fight alone for their benefits. There are powerful people willing to help.
• Quilts Of Valor - By Sarah Herron: Volunteers make quality quilts for individual veteran reception ceremonies.
• Last Men Standing - By Lisa Henry: The last official veterans of several American wars.
• Veterans Day
• Veteran Stats at A Glance


The 2015 Issue: (Click to View)

Dentist in Afghanistan: Luke Waln finds his niche in the Army and in the dentistry field. • Lessons in War: Bob Turcotte, ill, starved and lost during WWII, found familiar faces and made lifelong connections. • Veterans Roundup: Veteran services, events and activities. • Veterans Day: How many branches of military are there? What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day? These questions and more answered. • Civil War Vets: Stone markers quietly honor the veterans at Evergreen Cemetery.

To our readers,

It is publications like this that really highlight our lakes area community support and citizenship. Thank you to all who submitted photos of your dearly loved veterans. We are so very honored to be able to put together such a special publication. A special thank you to our loyal advertisers who make this project possible with their remarkable support!

~ Brainerd Dispatch and Echo Journal.