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Biz Buzz: Changes in store for business notes submissions

For decades, and maybe even longer, the Brainerd Dispatch has provided an opportunity for business notes—reader submissions of new hires, promotions, recognitions and more for individuals, companies and organizations.

Often there are more submissions than space or time provided to fit them on any given week in the Sunday Business and Money section. The Dispatch will continue to provide an outlet for these important community news briefs but on Sept. 10, the Dispatch is beginning a change.

Moving forward, people will be able to submit their own business notes online and include photos for a small charge.

The Dispatch has always edited business notes submissions to fit for content, grammar and copy style. The online option will allow readers to submit the copy they want to include. Up to 7 inches of copy will be available for $25 with each additional inch of copy available for an additional $10 fee. The fee will cover the cost of printing. For items submitted by 5 p.m. Wednesdays, there will be a guarantee the submission will be printed in the following Sunday Business section, which is something that couldn't be done previously. As submissions are entered, they'll be posted individually online with their own headlines instead of being combined in a single list for that week.

A link on the Dispatch homepage will provide access to the business news submissions, where readers may include the text and submit photos. In the coming weeks, we'll provide a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to make the submissions online.

We know this will be a change, but we hope it will be one that provides readers with more options to include the information they want to share with the community at a nominal cost and a quicker publication than the process currently allows.