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This Was Brainerd - Jan. 9


20 years ago (1997)

The Warrior boys' swim team had a solid win in the 200 medley relay and never looked back, beating Fergus Falls 135-51. Coach Dave Herath said "Fergus is a traditional power, but we just outswam them tonight." Mark Lykins and Sam Esser each won two events for Brainerd.

30 years ago (1987)

(Photo) Moose Lodge Gov. Bob Loss and library assistant Sue Hardy look over the new encyclopedias at the Brainerd Public Library. The Moose Lodge recently donated a complete set of Encyclopedia Americana, valued at $780.

40 years ago (1977)

There's good news and bad news for Brainerd residents trying to stay warm. The bad news is the temps will stay in the 25 to 35 below zero range for several more days. The good news is that there is a sufficient supply of heating oil right now for the many who heat with it.

60 years ago (1957)

One of the first bills in the state senate is to make up a $30,000 deficiency in money given to Brainerd - a city with a high proportion of railroad property. The amount was raised from $15,000 annually to $30,000 two years ago, but the state forgot to appropriate the money.

80 years ago (1937)

The county highway department had great success in the past year changing red ink into black ink, according to their annual report for 1936. The road and bridge fund that had a deficit of $1,053 now has a surplus of $29,757 going into 1937.

100 years ago (1917)

Indian agents, undercover as farmers, nabbed two offenders at 3 a.m. as they drove a Ford from a wholesale house to Brainerd with two dozen quart bottles of whiskey and some beer. The agents helped the two men load the liquor, and even rode to town with them, before arresting them.