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This Was Brainerd - April 21


20 years ago (1997)

Brainerd officially joined the Red River's flood relief program as a C-141 transport plane arrived with supplies for flood victims. A U.S. Army spokesman said Brainerd's airport will become a supply hub. The initial flight brought 4,000 blankets, 900 sleeping bags and 80 cots.

30 years ago (1987)

Milli Michaelis was a council member when they rejected several PUC appointments made by former mayor C. Elmer Anderson. Now as mayor herself, her first appointment to the PUC, Dr. Helen Longfellow, has been approved. Longfellow is the first woman ever on that board.

40 years ago (1977)

The 14-year-old Brainerd boy injured by a slingshot projectile fired from a passing car is regaining the sight in his injured right eye. Arrest is pending against an adult and a juvenile, both from Brainerd, in connection with the recent incident.

60 years ago (1957)

An appropriation of $8.8 million for further development of the Brainerd state hospital for the mentally deficient was recommended by a subcommittee of the Senate finance committee today in St. Paul. It is part of an overall $55 million state building program.

80 years ago (1937)

The fanfare and crowds of a county fair may become a reality again in Brainerd after an absence of 20 years if farmers and local businessmen form a county fair association. The move was authorized by a bill passed by the legislature and in no way affects the county fair at Pequot.

100 years ago (1917)

School teachers of Brainerd have had their wages raised, some by $2.50 per month, many by $5.00 per month and a few by $7.50. The decisive vote by the school board followed three and a half hours of discussion, fully acknowledging the increased cost of living.