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This Was Brainerd - Nov. 24


20 years ago (1997)

A handwritten sign on the door of the Sportland Cafe simply says the business is closed. The cafe was put into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May of 1996. On Nov. 14 the cafe closed because of a dispute with creditors and the government over back taxes.

30 years ago (1987)

A Crosby woman was attacked and robbed in a women's restroom in the East Brainerd Mall. At 3:15 p.m. yesterday, the woman was drying her hands when two native American teens knocked her glasses off, grabbed her hair, slammed her head into the wall and took her purse.

40 years ago (1977)

(Photo) Kent Johnson and Chuck Ferguson closed out the deer season in unusual fashion. The two, employed at Ruttger & Ruttger Realty, went to appraise property in Ross Lake Twp. They dressed in red and took deer rifles. While appraising the land they saw an eight-point buck, which Johnson shot.

60 years ago (1957)

Mistakes, most costly of which was a foul right at the final buzzer, cost Brainerd Junior College a 72-70 season-opening loss to Concordia JC. New coach Ron (Gup) Hess had his team tied at 70-70 when the foul occurred. Concordia made the two free throws after time had expired.

80 years ago (1937)

Ordinarily 47 dollars isn't a fortune. But that amount means everything to a farm couple saving for delivery of their first child. While going to the hospital to deposit the funds, a billfold fell through a hole in the husband's pocket. The Dispatch urges readers to find and return the money.

100 years ago (1917)

The Dispatch has on exhibit in its windows a three-inch shrapnel shell weighing nine pounds. It has two charges, one to fire it and another to explode it over German troops. It can travel up to 4,000 yards and rain death for 60 feet in all directions.