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This Was Brainerd - Jan. 1


20 years ago (1998)

In a surprising move, the county commissioners have voted to establish a countywide 3 percent lodging tax. The tax is collected from those who pay for lodging, then is pooled and used to promote tourism. The vote was 3-1-1, with Thiede opposed and Ferrari abstaining.

30 years ago (1988)

A snowmobiler lost his life New Year's Eve as two diners watched from their table at the Channel Inn on Upper Gull Lake. The diners were alarmed when they saw two snowmobiles dart under the bridge over the channel and one did not reappear on the other side. The diners ran outside to find one man dead.

40 years ago (1978)

For most people, Pennsylvania's great Johnstown Flood is an event in a history book. But to Bill Hofmann of rural Crosby it's a vivid memory. He turns 100 today and remembers losing his parents, a sister and grandfather on that fateful day in 1889 when 3,000 died.

60 years ago (1958)

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Norrgard, of Graydon Avenue in Brainerd, are the parents of the first child born in the county in 1958. The girl, named Mona Louise, arrived at 2:35 a.m. and is the first Brainerd baby to win the annual contest since 1953. Ray Norrgard is the county agent.

80 years ago (1938)

A veteran Buhl basketball team came from behind to upset the Warriors in a rough, fast, hard-charging game last night. Brainerd led 14-10 at the half, but Buhl pulled away to win 32-24. Twenty-nine fouls were called. Alderman and Fitzharris led Brainerd with 4 and 6 points.

100 years ago (1918)

An increase of ten percent in the wages of 15,000 employees of the NP Railroad was announced yesterday because of decreased purchasing power of current pay. This will amount to an additional $1.5 million of payroll. Those making $250 per month or more will not receive an increase.