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Advertisement for Mills

I have been getting this ad for Stew Mills for Congress. It is paid for by the Chamber of Commerce it tells of his being a businessman. Our present congressman Rick Nolan has a small family business in Emily which his son now runs. It isn’t a family billion dollar conglomerate but it does hire locals. Mr. Mills may work in the family business however I seriously doubt that Mr. Mills ever had to worry about getting fired for anything he did or didn’t do. I know that a lot of my gun-rights friends will vote for him as he sells guns and ammo. Conflicts of interest won’t affect him. The question I have is “Is the chamber just a cash cow for the Republican Party or a way for people to hide behind when they want to donate to candidates, hide their identity, and write it off as charitable donation?” Maybe the IRS should look at the chamber and see if it is just an illegal political fund that should be paying taxes. I have never claimed anything they got from me as a charitable donation but I won’t be making any in the future when they have a fundraiser I’ll donate to something else that really supports what they claim to.

Jesse Nix