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Body traps

Body traps

Oct. 20 is just around the corner and with it comes a danger that most people aren’t aware exists. The danger can be hidden in the grass, in the ditch, in a box or bucket or even in your driveway culvert.

​That danger is the body grip trap. The trap is designed to kill animals like coon, fisher and bobcat and it works very well. The problem comes when an irresponsible sets it where dogs can find it because the trap will kill them as quickly as it kills a coon.

Each fall and winter dozens of Minnesota dogs are killed in body grip traps that were set on the ground, baited with meat or hidden in weeds along coon trails.

Despite the hard work of Rep. John Ward the legislature failed to fix the problem so a nonprofit group called Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping Minnesota has formed to change the way body grip traps are used to prevent dogs from being killed in them. Our website is <> .

The solution is simple and trappers in many other states and Canadian provinces are already using dog safe methods. We have short videos showing the common sense solutions. Simply placing the traps five feet off the ground will protect dogs and still allow the trapper to catch plenty of furbearers and still allows the trapper to only check the trap every three days. The three day check seems to be the biggest reason why some trappers use body grip traps.

You can read more about these common sense solutions on our website. You can also read how to hold the trapper who kills your dog financially accountable.

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