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Brainerd senior earns perfect ACT score

David Supinski

Walking out of his June ACT exam, Brainerd High School senior David Supinski figured he'd scored a 34, maybe a 35.

But the 17-year-old did better than he thought. Supinski earned a perfect score of 36 on the exam.

Supinski credits his two years of advanced placement (AP) classes for his success on the exam.

"I have my teachers to thank, not the cramming before so much," he said.

Supinski has taken AP courses in U.S. history, biology, psychology, chemistry and language, among others.

It was the level of difficulty in those courses and the expected time management skills that helped him out when it came to the ACT.

Tests in his AP classes had similar style questions.

"I knew what to expect," he said.

Still, Supinski admits he was a little worried about the English part of the test, so he did some practice questions online in the two weeks leading up to the test.

On test day, Supinski was nervous.

"My family and friends had high expectations," he said.

Supinski said his older sister scored well on the ACT and is the family "brainiac."

He's the "nerd" in his group of friends.

Supinski had a lot to live up to.

But the test went smoothly. He had no problems getting every question answered. Supinski was a little hesitant when it came to the grammar and reading sections, though.

He walked out not expecting a perfect score. So two weeks later when he found out perfect is what he achieved, it was a "huge relief."

In the future, Supinski plans to major in biology and later pre-med, so he can get a career in the medical field.

Jessie Perrine
Jessie covers the Brainerd City Council and the Brainerd School Board. Born and raised in southern Minnesota, Jessie attended Winona State University, where she majored in journalism with a minor in women and gender studies. She worked at the Winona Daily News, Tomah Journal and the La Crosse Tribune before starting at the Dispatch in 2012.
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