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Camp Ripley: The medium is the message

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CAMP RIPLEY — The importance of information sharing can never be overstated. Whether it is posting pictures on Facebook or reporting stories involving the Minnesota National Guard, Camp Ripley prides itself on the advancements it has made in telling its story.

“We realized that Camp Ripley puts forth a lot of effort to do great work in central Minnesota but many of those stories are never told,” said Camp Ripley Post Commander Scott St. Sauver.

In January 2012 Camp Ripley re-evaluated how information was reaching its audience of military members, organizations in training and citizens in central Minnesota. Major changes took place which included: the addition of television and radio opportunities, the expansion of the Ripley Reporter newsletter, increasing event and social media coverage and sending stories to the Brainerd Dispatch.

“Our expansion included holding five live radio broadcasts from Camp Ripley during 2012 and that was in addition to our monthly radio appearance on KLTF,” said Camp Ripley Visitor’s Bureau Director Maj. John Donovan.

Beginning in November 2012, Camp Ripley also added a 30 minute television show, “The Ripley Reporter”, that can be seen on Morrison, Crow Wing and Stearns counties public broadcasting stations. The show features a monthly guest to speak about happenings at Camp Ripley that are of importance to the citizens of Central Minnesota.

Aside from radio and television Camp Ripley has also devoted itself to social mediums, primarily Facebook. The Camp Ripley Facebook site has seen a rise from under 500 followers in March 2012 to more than 1,700 followers in December 2012. The site is updated frequently with information, photos, events and stories that affect the military and citizens in Central Minnesota.

“2012 saw a dramatic increase in information sharing and output from the Public Affairs office at Camp Ripley” said Donovan. “We hope to further expand the coverage of events and information sharing in 2013.”