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Cass County to receive state payment in lieu of taxes

WALKER — Cass County will receive $1,296,408.08 state payment in lieu of taxes this year, up from $1,047,186.46 in 2013.

It is designed to replace, at least in part, money the county would have received if the timberlands the state owns had been in private ownership and paying property taxes.

That will be distributed as $162,549.64 to natural resources development fund, $119,601.15 to townships having state land and $1,014,257.29 to the county general fund.

Cass also will receive $146,611.50 from the state for lands the state owns for wildlife management. Cass will receive $146,611.50 in 2014 and distribute $95.388.52 to the county general fund, $2,818.03 to unorganized township, $18,097.03 to organized townships where the wildlife management areas are located and $30,307.92 to school districts.

Land Commissioner Joshua Stevenson obtained board approval Tuesday for land department personnel to attend and testify at an Aug. 19 hearing in St. Paul before the State Review Board to consider whether a portion of an old stagecoach trail in Woodrow Township near Widow Lake should be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wagon wheel ruts are still visible at the site, which constitutes a portion of the trail that once ran from Pine River to Longville. The land department has a vegetative management plan for the area. It will be presented during the hearing.

Cass commissioners selected low bidders Karvakko Engineering at $11,200 for a Homebrook Township acreage and Northern Engineering at $15,230 for a Trelipe Township acreage to do land surveys preliminary the county conducting timber sales on land abutting private properties.

The board approved a reciprocal easement with Tim and Lorie Strack for access to county land and the Stracks' land in Byron Township.