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Cass County to repair transfer station scale

OUTING - Environmental Services Director John Ringle obtained county board approval Tuesday to hire Anderson Industrial Scales to perform repairs on the scale at the transfer station north of Pine River for $8,644.

Ringle reminded the board the scale is on a list of future replacement equipment, but he said there is a need to maintain the existing equipment until it can be replaced.

Crushed concrete did not prove to be sturdy enough for the floor inside a new storage building at the transfer station, Ringle reported.

The board awarded a contract Tuesday for a five-inch poured concrete floor for $14,288 to Colonial Masonry, the lowest quote of five received. The poured floor will have footings and an apron.

Cass County failed to find buyers for three used forklifts, which had been used at the transfer station. Two are inoperable, but might be used for parts or reconditioned, according to Paul Fairbanks, solid waste officer.

Without bidders, the board approved transferring forklift ownership from environmental services to the highway department.

Sawyer Timber was the lowest of three bidders to win a contract for $200 to clean out a beaver blockage at the Deerfield Impoundment water control structure.