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Clean energy alternatives

As a sportsman and a wildlife ecologist, I’m excited to see the Environmental Protection Agency setting the first ever national limits on climate-disrupting carbon pollution. With global warming already reducing big game populations, stressing coldwater fish, and threatening waterfowl reproduction, carbon pollution limits are critically needed to protect America’s outdoor heritage.

Our cold-water fish like trout are suffering from warmer waters. Prairie potholes, important habitat for duck populations, are drying up. And our moose population in northwestern Minnesota has plummeted from over 4,000 to under 100 animals due to a number of heat related challenges.

Both of Minnesota’s senators, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, have been leaders on working to ensure that Minnesota is a leader in promoting clean energy alternatives like wind energy that provide good jobs right here in Minnesota. I thank them for supporting the EPA’s efforts.

Dr. Bill Faber

Wildlife ecologist