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Deer for meat

An average of about 240,000 deer are harvested in Minnesota each season.


“thrill of the kill” is a dubious pleasure, but the venison is a useful

part of our diet. Deer provide an estimated 12 million pounds of meat

or about 3 percent of our yearly meat. Of course, some people don’t eat

venison but, for some, it is an important source of protein.


we should begin to think of harvesting deer as something that should

be done as efficiently, and humanely, as possible. This would include a

return to feeding the deer to bring them in and shooting accurately at

closer range. It would also be safer because there would be less time

spent in the woods resulting in a shorter exposure to accidents.


DNR could keep harvest levels at appropriate numbers in the same way

they presently do it. Chances are that the seasons would be a little

shorter in length, but that would reflect the increased safety.

Chuck Hagberg