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Ground-applied herbicide control to begin in Backus

BACKUS - Ground-applied herbicide vegetation control on 32.5 acres of land in the Backus area may begin the week of July 21 and continue through about Aug. 15, as the Minnesota DNR prepares sites for tree planting.

Signs will be posted on all herbicide treatment sites.

The DNR plants trees on state lands to reforest harvested areas, provide wildlife habitat, protect watershed values and maintain the quality of state forests. Part of the reforestation process involves applying herbicides to the harvested areas prior to tree planting. Once a planting site has been prepared, professional foresters determine the tree species appropriate for the site and private contractors hired by the DNR do the actual planting.

This year, in the Backus area, more than 58,000 trees were hand planted, predominantly pines and spruces, on more than 97 acres during April and May.

In addition to herbicide treatment, 70 acres of mechanical site preparation will occur in the Backus area.