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Loud military training at Camp Ripley

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Multiple launch rocket system training and other artillery training will be conducted by Minnesota and South Dakota Army National Guard on Camp Ripley in order to ensure proficiency and readiness. Training started Thursday and will run through Sunday. 2 / 2

Artillery units from the Minnesota and South Dakota Army National Guard began qualification training on large caliber weapons Thursday and will continue training through Sunday at Camp Ripley.

The community may see vapor trails from various rockets and hear loud concussions as the rounds hit the training area.

"We apologize for any inconvenience the loud training my cause, and ensure you that only necessary iterations of firing are being conducted," said Maj. Steven Hall, Camp Ripley range Control Officer.

Multiple launch rocket system will fire Battery (eight launchers) on Sunday. They will fire 60 rockets that day. On Thursday, the 1-151 Field Artillery will shoot Rocket Assisted projectiles from the very north tip of the post to Hendrickson Impact in the south.