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More on school lunches

More on school lunches

Mr. Radzidlo stated in his response to my recent editorial that if a hot lunch is taken from a student that cannot pay for it, it is done in a discreet and respectful manner. I have no doubt that staff has done their best to deal with this uncomfortable situation that they have been placed in!

I understand, that as of yesterday (Feb. 13), staff has been informed they are not to continue this policy with the students.

I have to question how long this policy would have been in place had there not been a nationwide investigation into schools’ hot lunch policies and the Minnesota Attorney General’s office taking a serious stance on this? Why did Brainerd School District ever adopt such a policy? And don’t blame parents for accepting this policy. Many parents feel “powerless” in their everyday lives and have learned to live with policies “just because they feel they have to.”

How much money has the Brainerd school district saved by taking away “6” hot lunches and giving students alternative meals? The food has already been plated and then it is wasted?

Please ask those “6” students how they felt when they were refused a hot meal because the adults in their lives had not put money in their lunch account?

Life is challenging most days without a student having to deal with an issue they have no control over!

I do hope this has been a “wake-up” call to our school district. As a resident of Brainerd for over 26 years, I have been proud of the many positives in our school system. Now there is the opportunity to fix a policy that will ensure fairness for every student.

Jill Backberg


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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