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Party Popper postscript

Brainerd High School Spanish language students' Fourth of July effort to set a world record for the most party poppers popped petered out, but organizers are willing to give it another try this fall.

Cathy Saxum, a mother of one of the students and an organizers of the fundraiser, said she believed that 154 people gathered at the Lincoln Educational Building's playground on Fifth Street to attempt to break the Guinness World Record of 743, set in Great Britain in July of 2013. Participants bought buttons from third- and fourth-year Spanish students in order to receive a party popper that could be set off simultaneously with many others on the Fourth of July. Saxum said more than 150 buttons were sold, but many of those other people weren't able to show up to help break the record.

"We were a bit disappointed but we gave it a try," she said.

Saxum said another attempt to break the record will be made this fall, possibly as part of Brainerd High School homecoming activities. She said the students, who are raising money to travel to Peru, wanted to try a different type of fundraiser. She pointed out that they likely set the Brainerd record for most people popping party poppers.

"It was fun seeing all the confetti fly up and hearing the pop," Saxum said.

She said the students were appreciative of all the people who bought buttons to help out the effort. People who purchased buttons should keep them if they would like to participate in a future attempt to break the record.

"Hang on to your buttons, because we're not done yet," she said.

Mike O'Rourke
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