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Remembering Coach Don Meyer

I would like to recall our experiences with Coach Meyer over these past 15 years.

Our daughter Sara played for the Northern State Wolves in Aberdeen, S.D., for four years and during that time the men’s and women’s teams traveled together for weekend double-headers on the road. The ability to speak, share and experience the weekend with both teams were memorable and fun.

Coach Meyer came across very stern and business-like, however his keen wit would have you walking away laughing. On the court he would pace the sidelines with his handheld tape recorder taking down notes/observations. Coach Meyer would continue to force the ball inside and when the opponent would change defenses, he would have his three-point shooters swipe away. Coach Meyer was able to observe and adjust. In a close game he would usually win it in the second half.

During summer camps at NSU, Barnett Center, varsity players were encouraged to help Coach Meyer and Coach Fredrickson at these basketball camps. During one session, Coach Meyer invited a close friend to NSU, namely the great UCLA coach John Wooden. In the Wachs Arena, the Wizard of Westwood sat in the jump circle in a large chair, in the dark, with only a spotlight on him. Sara said he spoke of teamwork, effort and basketball knowledge. Coach Wooden then later received questions and answered them.

I received a letter from Coach Meyer who said, “Sara was always one of my favorites,” when he honored her and four other female seniors as part of the “NSU Fab Five.” That note was special to me. Now it is an honorable keepsake.

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Please note on Page 6B, Monday, May 18, 2014, Brainerd Dispatch, Coach Don Meyer.

A proud parent-NSU Alumni

Hank Hemquist