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Sharing group established for Cass veterans

WALKER — Veterans of all ages will be able to participate in a new sharing group beginning with a 2 to 3:30 p.m. discussion session on Aug. 13 at Ringle Library room in Walker Area Community Center.

Jeff Woodford, Cass veterans services officer, said Shari Kosobuski from the Vet Center at Duluth will lead the discussion. Anyone having questions may contact her at 612-360-1432 or call the Vet Center at 722-8654.

The purpose of the group is to share and provide information through supporting, encouraging and listening. Discussions may also include PTSD and other issues important to veterans, Woodford said.

He reported Cass's veteran population decreased 1 percent, dropping from 3,406 in 2012 to 3,347 in 2013, primarily due the passing of World War II vets.

Cass's current vet population enrolled in veteran programs includes 2 percent from World War II, 23 percent from Korean War, 47 percent from Viet Nam War, 17 percent from peace time and 11 percent from the War on Terror and Gulf War.

Because Cass County has only the tribal college inside its boundaries, many local younger vets are living in other counties where they are attending colleges, he said.

Cass has received a $12,000 grant to provide additional outreach to veterans and provide programs to assist them. One of those programs to benefit from the grant will be the new sharing group.

Tuesday, the county board authorized Woodford to use up to $1,000 to pay rent through 2015 to Walker Area Community Center for use of the building. He said in a telephone interview later Tuesday he expects the cost to run a little over $600.

Salem Lutheran Church of Longville donated $200 to the veterans transportation program, which provides volunteer drivers to take vets to medical services.