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Stock Car Racing: Johnson gets two wins and a championship

Dennis Czech (2) and Brandon Mehrwerth (7) round a corner during a Midwest Modified heat Saturday at North Central Speedway. (Kelly Humphrey, Brainerd Dispatch)

BARROWS - Tim Johnson has been driving the doors off of his Super Stock car lately.

That was the case Saturday in the season championship as he won a close race against Shane Sabraski to take the feature win and claim the Super Stock points crown at North Central Speedway.

Johnson also punctuated his evening with a win in the the Street Stock feature.

Other points winners were Rod Berg in the Hornet class, Dylan Nelson in Pure Stock, Mark Johnson in Street Stocks and Dean Larson for the Mod 4's. Dennis Czech won by the slimmest of margins in the Midwest Modified, and Shane Sabraski claimed the Modified class.

Johnson didn't start running his Street Stock until a month into the season, which took him out of the running in the points chase. He had higher goals in mind for his Super Stock coming into the season.

"We were just looking at having a good year in the Super Stock," he said. "I have always wanted to chase and get the national points. We have been pounding it to death and the car has been working good. It has been awesome."

Johnson is close to his goal as he trails Curt Myers by just twelve points in the national points chase. He is also the defending Street Stock national champion and he has the lead there this year.

Known as a driver who will drive anything, Johnson got the opportunity to add two more cars to his racing night this seasons. He has been driving Clayton Caird's Midwest Modified car and has a feature win at NCS in that. He also started driving Mark Prueser's Modified car.

"I never intended to drive more, but people keep asking me and I don't mind at all," Johnson said. "I like racing anything. I started driving Clayton's car down at Granite City on Sunday nights. Then he got burned in a fire and his arm got all tore up so I ran it for awhile. His arm healed up, but he said you might as well just keep racing it for the year."

Shane Sabraski is the national points leader in the Midwest Modified class and he is second in the Modified class. He won the Modified feature and claimed the NCS points championship.

Dennis Czech was the winner of the points championship for NCS in the Midwest Modified as he defeated Danny Vang by just one point for the title. Vang actually won the feature event, but Czech manage a third, which was good enough for the title.

Dylan Nelson claimed the Pure Stock points championship after finishing third in the feature event behind winner Devin Larson.

Rod Berg won the points championship in his Hornet car. Despite a flat tire to his rear left tire, Berg was able to keep his car on the track to get the amount of points he needed to defeat Drue Fletcher. Lexi Gallagher won the feature event.

Other feature winners Saturday were Dustin Zieske in the Mod 4's and Don Eischens in his Modified car.


Feature: 1-Lexi Gallagher, 2-Peyton Nelson, 3-Rod Berg


Feature: 1- Devin Larson, 2-Jake Hagemann, 3-Dylan Nelson

Heat 1: 1- Dylan Nelson, 2-Jake Hagemann, 3-David Dosh

Heat 2: 1-Devin Larson, 2-Craig Paul, 3-Aaron Fenstermaker


Feature: 1- Tim Johnson, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Mark Johnson

Heat 1: 1- Mark Johnson, 2-Kyle Dykhoff, 3-Shawn Wageman

Heat 2 :1- Tim Johnson, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Billy Kendall


Feature: 1-Danny Vang, 2-Shane Sabraski, 3-Dennis Czech

Heat 1: 1- Dennis Czech, 2-Brandon Mehrwerth, 3-Billy Kendall

Heat 2: 1- Danny Vang, 2-Ashley Mehrwerth, 3-Shawn Fletcher

Heat 3: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Tom Gill, 3-Ross Nygren


Feature: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Shane Sabraski, 3-Jake Goetze

Heat 1: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Jake Goetze, 3-Dave Read

Heat 2: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Dexton Koch, 3-Dan Severson


Feature: 1- Dustin Zieske, 2-Jerry Esler, 3-Dean Larson

Heat 1: 1- Jerry Esler, 2-Dustin Zieske, 3-Dean Larson

Heat 2: 1-Jess Geesey, 2-Thomas McGough, 3-Dean Blanchard


Feature: 1- Don Eischens, 2-Shane Sabraski, 3-Ryan Canon

Heat 1: 1- Shane Sabraski, 2-Don Eischens, 3-Shawn Fletcher