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Michelle Andres (center) of East Gull Lake, was the first female to cross the finish line Saturday during the Tri for a Cause in Crosby. She was the fourth finisher overall with a time of 1:19.07.

Tri For A Cause: Miller, Andres pace fourth annual event

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Tri For A Cause: Miller, Andres pace fourth annual event
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CROSBY — Two familiar faces paced the fourth annual Tri for a Cause on Saturday at Crosby Memorial Park.

Long-time distance runner and triathlon newcomer Casey Miller, 35, was fourth in the swim, second on the bike and paced the run to help him finish with an overall time of 1:13.45 to win the event.

"I'm training for an Ironman so trying to hit some of these shorter races along the way is kind of tricky because you usually train longer and slower and you come here and you have to go hard and fast," said Miller.

"The training doesn't always mesh really well but one thing is I feel stronger than I did last year," he added. "Last year I'd get done biking and I would be so exhausted I could barely run but this year I've been doing more biking so it's easier.

"The swim is always going to hold me back. I never swam competitively. I'm getting better at that each time but I always have time to make up time after I get out of the water."

Miller, a Baxter resident, crossed the finish line almost two minutes before Larry Hosch, 36, of St. Joseph, whose time was 1:15.42.

"Sometimes the competition is a good way to gauge how you're coming along in these types of events and the other athletes who are out there really help you to do that," said Miller.

Miller and Hosch were nominated for rookie of the year honors in 2013 by MN Tri News. The two have been neck and neck in several events with Miller consistently staying on top.

"This is the fourth time Larry and I have raced and it's been tight every time," Miller said. "This is the farthest apart our time has ever been.

"I usually don't get so nervous about these things but this year (MN Tri News) was saying that it would be a battle between us and the article came out this week. I read it and started getting nervous."

Hosch, who's no stranger to area events, pulled in a second-place finish at last year's Tri for a Cause.

Course record holder Michelle Andres, 37, of East Gull Lake, was the first female to cross the finish line. She was the fourth finisher overall with a time of 1:19.07.

Andres recorded her best time on the course in 2012 with a 1:16.51 finish and has yet to be replaced as the fastest female on the course.

"I was off by a few minutes today," said Andres. "I've just been training for marathons so this is totally cross training for me but I was happy with the win.

"This is just for fun. The money goes to a good cause, it's local, and the whole local triathlon community is here so it's a nice fun event and it's close to home."

Andres held the lead for females throughout the bike, swim and run. Jacquelyn Bacigalupi, 36, of Baxter followed closely behind Andres in every event and finished in 1:25.13.

With years of local and national wins under her belt, Andres is a name to be watching as she trains to achieve a qualifying time for the 2015 Olympic Trials.

"I'm going to be racing in the USA Triathlon Nationals in Milwaukee in August and I can qualify for the Olympic Trials," she said. "Then I'll be going to Chicago so that's my next big race.

"Really, my ultimate goal that I'm working on is getting my marathon time down to trials. I'm definitely getting closer."

In the third annual Tri Team Championship, the Lakes Area Multisport group (LAMS) tallied 70 points to lead the competition. LAMS participations were Amy Aho, Michelle Andres, Jacquelyn Bacigalupi, John Breen, Harry Brodmarkle, Katie Cummings, Josh Duda, Heather Fletcher, Rick Hans, Liz Larson, Marc Marshall, Michael McConkey, Jeff McCulloch, Casey Miller, Sheila Miller, Tammy Praught, Ilissa Ramm, Nick Solheim, Denise Sundquist, Ellen Thomes, Carly Vosacek, Kari Whitlock, Riant Northway, Kim Larson and Kirk Larson.

The 2014 Tri For a Cause attracted 104 competitors. The triathlon consisted of a 600-yard swim in Serpent Lake, a 16.3-mile bike course and a 4-mile run over scenic Crosby roads and trails.

Named the third-best race of the year in 2012 by Minnesota Tri News, the Tri for a Cause was founded in 2011 by lakes area resident Henry Praska with the help of the local Masonic Lodges as a way to raise cancer awareness and funds for research at the Masonic Cancer Hospital at the University of Minnesota.

The local Masonic Lodge's hard work and volunteer support are one of the driving forces behind the yearly triathlon with over 80 volunteers provided each year to help the event run smoothly.

Complete results are available at

2014 TOP 10


1-Casey Miller, 1:13:48

2-Larry Hosch, 1:15:42

3-David Carney, 1:16:25

4-Michael McConkey, 1:20:27

5-Greg Johnson, 1:20:45

6-David Knack, 1:22:31

7-Jim Reed, 1:23:20

8-Jeremy Frank, 1:24:06

9-Mark Demos, 1:24:10

10-Nick Solheim, 1:24:16


1-Michelle Andres, 1:19:07

2-Jacquelyn Bacigalupi, 1:25:13

3-Colleen McCormick, 1:31:22

4-Lisa Hines, 1:32:55

5-Heather Johnson, 1:33:35

6-Julie Walker, 1:35:48

7-Katie Jepsen, 1:35:49

8-Liz Larson, 1:36:50

9-Carly Vosacek, 1:40:15

10-Monica Osterholm, 1:40:15