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Brainerd High School seniors Andrew LaDouceur and Samantha Ramey are co-editors

Samantha Ramey and Andrew LaDouceur

Year: Seniors.

Age: 18.

Art focus: Fifth Street Journal.

Adviser nomination: "Samantha and Andrew naturally and quickly emerged as this year's co editors-in-chief of the Fifth Street Journal newspaper. They lead through their positive attitudes and heartfelt commitment to the staff. Samantha's creativity and Andrew's patience and flexibility are perfect counterparts."

How do you two work together: Ramey is strong in English and LaDouceur is strong in technology and they said they're skills fit well together.

Ramey said, "We've known each other since kindergarten, so we know each other pretty good. We both went to Riverside Elementary School. And we've been dating for the past two years."

LaDouceur said, "We've always been friends and in 10th grade I had a crush on her. It wasn't until we met at a church retreat that we got together."

Your toughest task together: Ramey said criticizing LaDouceur's work/stories. She said, "We want each other to do our best, so we're hard on each other."

LaDouceur said, "Designing the actual pages. Her story was on a page and I changed the total appearance of it."

Childhood memory: Ramey said, "In fifth grade, Andrew wore pants that had buttons on the side and someone accidentally tore them off and my dad, (Jeff Ramey, a teacher at Riverside) had to help him."

After high school plans: Ramey wants to be an intensive care nurse and LaDouceur wants to be an accountant.

Honorable mention: Kya Rabehl, senior, Brainonian: The yearbook adviser said, "Kya has been a great help to the yearbook as an editor and staff member. She has put forth extra effort in attending many events outside of class to get photos and information for the yearbook."

Samantha Ramey

Historical person most admired: Martin Luther King Jr.

Favorite band: Jack Johnson.

 Favorite kind of pizza: Chicken buffalo.

Favorite book: The Twilight series.

Parents: Jeff and Chris Ramey of Baxter.

Andrew LaDouceur

Sports Hall of Famer most admired: Harmon Killebrew.

Sports you're in: Pond hockey and baseball.

Favorite song: "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's.

Favorite movie: "Band of Brothers."

 Parents: Marcella Cunningham of Brainerd and Darrell LaDouceur of Wells.