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Brainerd High School junior Bryant Siekas on Monday practiced for the “Warrior U

Bryant Siekas

 Year: Junior.

 Age: 17.

 Art focus: Advanced TV Productions.

 Adviser nomination: “Bryant took the lead on a new project for the ‘Warrior Update.’ We have added sponsors to our program. Bryant led getting this off the ground, including developing strategies, selling product and producing the sponsorship spots.”

 Talk about your involvement with getting more sponsors: “This semester we have more classmates (24 instead of the usual 14 students), and I’ve been wanting to do sponsors, but we’ve never had the time or the effort to put into it. Now, with more kids, I pushed for it hard. I always thought it’d be cool to see all the sponsors come up. They don’t get as much credit as they should. The sponsorships come up at different times during the ‘Warrior Update,’ with their logo, a voice-over like an ad. We’ve been preparing for this for three weeks and we have one sponsor, Giovanni’s Pizza, so far.”

How has this project helped TV Productions? “It has made the students work harder on the ‘Warrior Update.’ Now that they know we have a sponsor they want it to look better and are more serious about the work.”

 Your main role in TV Productions: Main talent.

 Interest in taking TV Productions: “My dad and all my uncles took this class. My dad showed me how to use the camera for this class. He used to work at Charter Communications and he worked with its sponsors ... That is part of the reason why I was interested in getting sponsors.”

 Favorite newscast you watch: Fox 9.

 Favorite TV series: “The Office.”

 Film you admire for its complexity: “Avatar.”

 Favorite book: “The Catcher in the Rye.”

 Hobbies: “Making videos for fun on YouTube.”

 Favorite video: “It was called ‘Awkward Silence Circle’ and was about things not to do in an awkward silence circle.”

 Parents: Pete and Shannon Siekas of Baxter.

 Honorable mention: Jackie Caughey, sophomore, visual art: Art adviser said, “Jackie is currently a student in Artists Books. She is very meticulous in her work, yet she always takes the time to help others. Her work is original, well planned, bold and exciting to view. Jackie has always been known for her smile. It’s wonderful to see the creative side as well.”

Gabby Waters, sophomore, Brainonian: The yearbook adviser said, “Gabby has done a great job coming into yearbook second semester. She has taken on her tasks with enthusiasm and has done a great job on her page.”