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Brainerd High School senior Madeline Gregory worked on her pencil drawing of a g

Madeline Gregory

Year: Senior.

Age: 18.

Art focus: Drawing II.

Adviser nomination: “Maddy possesses artist talent and technical skill that far exceeds the norm. The sketches in her sketchbook are better than the average final artworks turned in by her peers. The magnitude of quality art Maddy can produce in a short period of time is as astounding as her talent. It is a privilege to watch her create.”

Project you’re working on: “Endangered animals. I have one done, two are in progress and I’d like to do four or five more. I did one in charcoal of a Gerenuk antelope. I’m working on an Egyptian vulture, too.”

How do you get your creative juices flowing: “My older sister, who is a tattoo artist, inspires me. Just talking to friends about things also gives me ideas.”

Favorite art medium: “Drawing, using pencils. It’s easy for me to use, it’s what I started with and it’s handy most of the time. I started to trace things when I was in first grade and it (my interest in art) slowly grew to doing my own thing.”

Artist most admired: Franz Marc and Alex Gregory.

Memorable fine arts achievement: Creating a collage of all my artwork from fifth to 11th grade. 

Your first sketch: “I used to draw dogs a lot, but people would tell me they looked like dinosaurs. That made me mad.”

Favorite classic Disney movie: “Lion King.”

Favorite TV series: “Bones.”

Favorite book: “The 13th Reality” by James Dashner.

Favorite band: The Beatles.

Favorite restaurant: Perkins.

 If you were a paint brush, what would you paint: “A rainbow because it’d be fun to soak my pencils in paint and whoosh it around as fast as I could.”

Parents: Elizabeth and Paul Gregory of Baxter.

Honorable mention:

Rachel Pagarigan, senior, mock trial: Mock trial adviser said, “Rachel has been on the mock trial team for three years. She brings a realness to the witnesses she portrays that is delightful. Rachel has been one of the people who inspires and encourages everyone to do their best. She knows her part to a ‘T’ and played it wonderfully.”

Sydney Zoller, senior, art: The art adviser said, “Sydney is a creative and meticulous student artist. Her work is always worth waiting for because she takes her time and never compromises her own quality standards. She will put in many extra hours to create artwork to her satisfaction.”