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Brainerd dancers compete in United We Dance

Just For Kix dancers Kaylea Peterson (left), Jordan Rudolph, Anna Vreeland, Dani

Eleven Brainerd Just For Kix classes competed in the United We Dance competition Sunday at Hallenbeck Hall in St. Cloud. Just For Kix results:

• Fourth place, 4:45 p.m. class of fourth-fifth grade, Mini Kix, coached by Julie Davidge performing to “Elementary Mix.”

• Fourth, 5:45 p.m. class, fourth-fifth grade, Mini Kix, Davidge, “Elementary Mix.”

• First, seventh grade, Middle Kix, Davidge, LG Mix.

• First, fourth-fifth grade, Mini Jazz, Ali Clough, “Beat Of The Bee.”

• Second, second and third grade, Wee Jazz, Clough, “Go Bananas.”

• First, sixth-seventh grade, Middle Jazz, Adina Balenger, “Release Me.”

• First, third-fifth grade, Lyrical, Clough, “Never Alone.”

• First, seventh-12th grade, Hip Hop, Clough, “It’s Hot.” 

• First, fourth-seventh grade, Hip Hop, Dani Fredrickson, “This Instant.”

• Fourth, sixth-seventh grade, Lyrical, Clough, “Ava Maria,” team competed in the eighth-12th grade Lyrical division.

• First, eighth-12th grade, Lyrical, Clough, “Hallelujah.”

The advanced hip-hop class also performed an exhibition routine coached by Adina Balenger entitled “Glam.”

The final United We Dance competition will be Friday and Saturday in Rochester. Brainerd will be represented by the sixth- through 12th-graders.