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Census to gauge size of creative community

The Five Wings Arts Council and the Minnesota State Arts Board recently announced the launch of the Minnesota Arts Count, a census for individuals who engage in creative expression and for businesses, facilities and organizations that produce, present or promote creative expression. The census will be conducted through April 30.

 “The Minnesota Arts Count census is an exhaustive effort to quantify the vast number of Minnesotans who create nearly anything,” said Mark Turner, executive director of the regional arts council serving Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena counties of central Minnesota. “We want anyone in the region who expresses themselves creatively to be proud and be counted.”

The Minnesota Arts Count census is open to anyone who, professionally or personally, sings, acts, dances, writes, draws, paints, sculpts, illustrates, photographs, films, knits, weaves, directs, plays an instrument, composes, shares stories, designs or engages in any other form of creative expression.

Minnesota Arts Count also will quantify the organizations that support creative expression. Any venue, restaurant, coffee house, tavern, gallery, theater, group, troupe, band, ensemble, company, local government, school, church, arena, festival, fair, program, business, public, private or social service agency or any other type of organization that displays, hosts or otherwise supports creative expression in the state of Minnesota is encouraged to participate in the census.

The Minnesota Arts Count is being conducted by the Minnesota State Arts Board and the state’s regional arts councils under the direction of the Minnesota Legislature to ensure funds from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment are invested wisely. Minnesota Arts Count will help determine how many Minnesota individuals and businesses or organizations are involved in arts and creative expression and how broad and diverse their interests. The count will help ensure grants awarded by the Minnesota State Arts Board and the state’s regional arts councils are representative of the spectrum of creative expression in the state.

The census may be accessed at Paper surveys for individuals may be requested by calling (800) 748-3222, extension 225.