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Student of the Week

Jennifer Stockinger Brainerd High School junior Ben Collette has been working th

Ben Collette

 Year: Junior.

 Age: 17.

 Art focus: Advanced TV Productions.

 Adviser nomination: “Ben has been doing an outstanding job as a line producer and graphics director for the ‘Warrior Update.’ He’s constantly putting in extra time outside of class and to help make our productions as good as they can be.”

 What is your main job? “I’ve done the character generator for the past 1 1/2 years. I like it. I’ve always done it — It’s just something I do; it’s not hard. The CG is where you do the names, pictures and credit scrolling.”

 Have you tried other jobs? “Not really. I know what I’m doing here (with the CG) so I just do that.”

 Artist most admired: John Dyer Baizlay.

 Favorite movie: “Donnie Darko.”

 Favorite TV series: “Dead Like Me.”

 Favorite book: “The Crippled God.”

 Hobbies: Reading and listening to music.

 Favorite bands: Gojira, Lamb of God and The Distillers.

 Parents: Tim and Barb Collette of Nisswa.

 Honorable mentions: Lydia Hollen and Casey Ashman, freshmen, Fifth Street Journal: Adviser said, “Lydia and Casey, as a team, have made a big impact on the success of the new Fifth Street Journal Club. These two freshmen students never miss a meeting or a deadline, and their energy and enthusiasm benefits the newspaper program and everyone involved.”