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Music General dancers earn numerous awards at competition

High score of all junior groups, “I Hate Boys,” was performed by Music General d

Music General dancers were among 650 groups/solos at the Showstopper Dance Championships April 8-10 at Bloomington Jefferson High School. The dancers received 11 Crystal Awards, 19 Double Platinum Awards, three Platinum Awards and one Gold Award. 

The studio received seven top scores, including the Sapphires’ Junior Large Group “I Hate Boys” receiving the highest score for junior groups and the Teen Super Tap Group “Run For Life” receiving the highest score for teen groups with scores of 114.9 and 117.2 out of 120. Savanna Oberfeld was the top junior soloist and Sylvia Borash was the top teen soloist.  

Instructors are Sue Kuhn, Randie Swanson, Whitney Shepherd, Amy Borash, Mabel Tamasy and Keri Pollock.

Studio result: 

Sparklers competing in the Mini Large Group (ages 6-8): “Sea Cruise” tap took Platinum and earned third place and “Aye Carumba” jazz took Double Platinum and earned first place.

Crystals competing in the Junior Large Group (ages 9-10): “Bandstand Boogie” tap, Double Platinum, 10th place; and “Name Game” jazz, Double Platinum.

Sapphires competing in the Junior Large Group (ages 11-12): “Crash Test Dummies” tap, Crystal, second place; and “I Hate Boys” jazz, Crystal, first and highest score of all junior groups.

Rubies competing in the Teen Large Group: (ages 13-15): “Traffic Jam” tap, Double Platinum, second; “Do Right” jazz, Platinum.

Emeralds competing in the Senior Large Group (ages 15-18): “Care About US” tap,  Double Platinum, fifth; “Glam” jazz, Double Platinum, second.

Teen Super Tap Group (age 13-15): “Run For Life” tap, Crystal, first and highest score of all teen groups.

Mini Small Jazz Group (ages 6-8): “Brand New Girl,” Double Platinum, second.

Junior Musical Theater Small Group (age 11-12): “If My Friends Could See Me Now” Crystal, first.

Junior Small Lyrical Group (age 11-12): “Over the Rainbow,” Double Platinum, second.

Diva Small Tap Group (age 9-10): “French Fries,” Double Platinum, third in junior small groups.

Diva Small Jazz Group (age 9-10): “Mr. Personality,” Double Platinum, fourth in junior small groups.

 Teen Small Tap Group (age 13-15): “Strings,” Crystal, first.

Teen Small Contemporary Group, (age 13-15): “Cosmic Love,” Crystal, second.

Teen Large Contemporary Group (age 13-15): “Habanera,” Crystal, first.

Solo results:

Maddi Adams, “Shove It,” Teen Contemporary Solo: Double Platinum, fourth in teen solos.

Libby Borash, “I Like to Fuss,” Junior Musical Theatre Solo: Double Platinum, third in junior solos.

Sylvia Borash, “Air Mail,” Teen Tap Solo: Crystal, first; and “Imagine,” Teen Lyrical Solo: Crystal, second, both finishes were in the teen solo category.

Courtney DeChaine, “Don’t Stop the Music,” Senior Tap Solo: Crystal, second in senior solos; and “Lost,” Senior Lyrical Solo: Double Platinum

Madi Landsburg, “Love Stoned,” Tap Solo: Double Platinum, third in teen solos; and “Tore My Heart,” Contemporary Solo: Double Platinum.

Marlee Landsburg, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” Senior Jazz Solo: Double Platinum, sixth in senior solos.

Nikki Leland, “Losing My Religion,” Senior Jazz Solo; Platinum, eighth in senior solos.

Savanna Oberfeld, “Fly Right,” Junior Tap Solo: Crystal, first in junior solos.

Megan Rodgers, “Swingin,’” Teen Tap Solo: Double Platinum, third in teen solos; and “Hot Like Wow,” Teen Contemporary Solo: Double Platinum.

Melissa Svoboda, “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t,” Teen Musical Theatre Solo: Gold.

The duet results is Lexie Bible and Amanda Sabir, “Be Bop a Lula,” Junior Tap Duet: Double Platinum, third in junior duets/trios.

Music General’s next competition is entitled Midwest Starz to be held April 29- May 1 at Monticello High School.