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Kicking up dust

The band “The Dead and Their Weapons” from Aitkin conceived a bizarre music vide1 / 2
Joseph White tossed sand and a head of hair while chopping out a music video on 2 / 2

Kevin Ballinger, a 2011 honors graduate of the Central Lakes College communication art and design program, contributed photographic creativity to the annual Music Video Camp at his alma mater.

Ballinger, owner of D3 Design in Brainerd and an ADDY Award winner last spring at CLC, helped an Aitkin area metal band assemble some unusual images to incorporate into their music video during a five-day project based at the Staples campus of CLC.

His images capture members of the band “The Dead and Their Weapons” at a gravel pit landscape that looks other-worldy, almost surreal.

“We just wanted something really different,” said drummer Joseph White, 17, Aitkin, who was at the camp a year ago with some of his bandmates to launch their promotional video in an attempt to get more gigs. They’ve already landed one in Hastings July 13, which they’re calling the kickoff for their Quit Life, Make Music Tour.

The high-energy metal band includes Jake Spolarich, 17, Palisade; and Chris Smith, 18, Lewis DeShon, 17, and Mitchell Maxwell, 17, all of Aitkin.

From their bent, metallurgist penchant for distortion, they have produced “All Riots Reserved,” which is previewed in a 4-minute, 18-second version offered at their Facebook site and on YouTube. The feedback is largely favorable with many thumbs-up “Like” comments such as “Best video I’ve seen in a while” and “Yes, just yes.”

Be advised: The boys describe themselves as “so filthy we’ll make you sick. We’re animals, savages looking for our ugly fix.” Lyrics? Your guess is as good as ours, but they promise to post them online as soon as they learn how. It is a challenge to discern the words screamed through some serious angst and potent instrumentations, not to mention sound effects.

Nearly 200 images and some manipulations using sophisticated software helped produce the latest action video complete with the band’s own hard-driving music.

Their MP3 project is officially offered by Real Earth Records.