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Student of the week- Nov. 16

Aiyana Swenson

Year: Junior.

Age: 16.

Art focus: Brainonian.

Adviser nomination: Swenson joined the Yearbook Club this year. The adviser said “She is having a great impact already. She has put a lot of time and effort outside of school to make a very cool Junior Hall of Fame page.”

Other art activities: Photography.

Tell me about the Junior Hall of Fame page: “It’s a page just for juniors. I saw this type of page in my cousin’s yearbook and I’ve never seen it before so I thought it’d be neat to have it in our yearbook. The page is full of nominations of two people for different things like ‘Best Hair,’ “Always Late to Class’ and ‘Biggest Klutz.’”

What do you like about yearbook: “It helps me get my mind off things and I get to know a lot of people.”

Is this type of work, something you’d like to do in her future: “I’m going to school to be a nurse in the Army Reserves, but I’m thinking about photography. My brother is in the Minnesota National Guard. We talked and being a nurse in the Army is something I want to do.”

Best page so far: “The Junior Hall of Fame page.”

Movie must see: “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.” “I plan to go at midnight Friday.”

Favorite TV series: “SpongeBob” and “True Blood.”

Favorite author: Nicholas Sparks.

Best magazine: “People.”

Extra curricular acitivies/clubs: Class Cabinet, Student Council, swimming and diving and track.

Favorite restaurants: Red Lobster and T.G.I. Friday’s.

Parents: James and Kimmy Swenson of Bagley and she lives with her grandparents, Patty and Joe Swenson of Brainerd.

Honorable mentions: Briana Niemeyer, junior, Fifth Street Journal: Adviser said, “Brianna is not afraid of hard work and puts forth extra effort to get the job done. She also readily accepts help and feedback, and is willing to help others on the staff.”

Amanda Kunde, sophomore, art: Adviser said, “Amanda has a natural sense of design and puts forth every effort in the initial plan of a book to the littlest of detail of the final product in the artist books class. She is dedicated to her art; a real pleasure to have as a student.”

— By Jennifer Stockinger, Staff Writer