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Fine Arts Student of the Week- Nov. 24

Brainerd High School junior Vanessa Jarmuzek was named Fine Arts Student of the

Vanessa Jarmuzek

Year: Junior.

Age: 16.

Art focus: Creative writing.

Adviser nomination: “Vanessa is a diligent and talented writer who gives her all in every assignment. Her creativity shines through in this class, especially when she wrote a terrific children’s story to read to Tamie Swanson’s first grade class at Baxter Elementary. She doesn’t back down from challenges, but rather works through rigorous assignments to create writing pieces about which she should be proud. Her strong integrity makes her a role model among her peers.”

Other art activities: Chamber Orchestra, photography, drawing, oil and watercolor painting.

What was your children’s story about: “It’s about being yourself and called ‘I Like Me Best The Way I Am.’ It’s about two animals, a leopard and a zebra, wanting to change their strips and spots and in the end they didn’t change anything.”

Do you write a lot of stories, or other writings: “I don’t do it a lot. I took creative writing because I wanted to write and thought it’d be cool to publish something. I’m working on publishing my children’s book, where I also did the illustrations.”

Your next writing: “We just wrote a screen play in creative writing. Mine is about a chain of events of helping others and cheering them on. An inspirational screen play.”

Favorite subject: Sign language.

Best classic movie: “The Sound of Music.”

Favorite movies: “Apollo 18” and “Super 8.”

Favorite author: Sarah Dessen.

Favorite book: “Hugo.”

Favorite quote: “The earth without art is eh,” author unknown.

Favorite band: Angels and Airwaves.

Favorite restaurant: Diamond House.

Hobbies: Violin and photography.

Parents: Melissa Wooden of Brainerd and Jesse Jarmuzek of St. Cloud.

Honorable mentions: Amanda Sax, sophomore, Brainonian: Adviser said, “Manda joined yearbook club this year and has been very involved since she started. She has gotten many pictures for us and has done a lot of excellent work outside of school.”

Raini Kohl, senior, art: Adviser said, “Raini has a way of surprising teachers and viewers of his art with his creative solutions to ordinary assignments. His ‘laid-back’ demeanor camouflages a hard worker who pays attention to detail to achieve quality in his work. Raini also is a willing helper in our studios and an inspiration to peers.”