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The Frantic Mommy Diaries

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Like most moms, Becky Flansburg is up bright and early every morning while her family sleeps away the last few moments of night. Flansburg does what any other mom does — gets her kids’ belongings ready for school, gets ready for work, takes a few moments for herself and then she blogs.

“I can get more done between 5-8 (a.m.) than I ever could at night,” Flansburg said. “And then I get my evenings with the family.”

Flansburg, who works full time at the Office Shop in Brainerd, started blogging four years ago as a way to journal her adventures in motherhood. On her blog, “Frantic Mommy,” Flansburg writes about her kids, Jake, 8, and Sara, 5, and the crazy things they say, and her great, and not so great, moments as a mom. 

“I had no other goal than to make people laugh,” Flansburg said of her blog. “It was just a place to tell people my goofy stories.”

Over the last four years, Flansburg has drawn a crowd of mommies, and other curious readers, from all over who subscribe to her blog regularly. She said a good portion of her readers are local, but she’s looking to expand. 

While Flansburg’s blog is a fun side project, she makes it her business to take her blogging platform very seriously. She said she is fully taking advantage of the power of web technology. “You can share old information that people know, but the key is to do it in a new way,” she said.

Flansburg treats her blog like a business and is focused on continued growth, powered by the increasing influence of social networking. 

“Where a lot of businesses and industries are struggling, the Internet is booming,” Flansburg said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in your pajamas in the basement or in a skyscraper in the city — you can play with the big boys.”

Flansburg continues to maintain her Frantic Mommy blog, but has also expanded her platform to include a newer blog “Lakes Area Mom Squad.”

Flansburg said the Mom Squad blog is meant to connect moms in the area to their community. “It’s kind of like free PR,” she said. “ “I’m one of those people that if I see something really cool I want to tell the world about it. The blog enables me to do that.”

Time and experience have taught Flansburg the best way to use her blog not just as a platform of information, but as a means of supplemental income. “It’s a process,” Flansburg said.  “It’s definitely not an overnight thing.”

Flansburg has found several ways to generate income from her blogs, which in a still recovering economy can be a huge help to the family. Flansburg said, in a still recovering economy, her blog provides her family with a fair amount of supplemental income. “It’s a really good way to generate extra income,” she said. 

Flansburg said bloggers can take advantage of every possible way to create income from their blogs including  selling per click links within their blog text, writing product reviews, selling ad space and acting as an affiliate for advertising companies. “You become almost like a spokesperson for them,” Flansburg said.

Flansburg said she has also worked to get her name out by guest-blogging with for other websites. “It’s just like networking — you have to gain their trust to get in,” she said.

As with anything, blogging comes with its share of critics. Flansburg said she has had a few “haters,” but she takes the comments in stride. “You know you’ve made it when you have a hater,” she laughed. “When you get some bad ones, boy do you.”

Flansburg said she tries not to focus on the negative, but rather invests her energy in making her blog great and sharing what she’s learned with others. 

She has taught community education workshops and seminars on getting started in blogging,  including a Social Media summit last spring with the Brainerd Lakes Chamber.  “I just love it,” Flansburg said. “I very much like to show people that blogging world.”

Flansburg said she’s a huge believer in using blogging to communicate in a way that’s conversational and fun to read. “The boundaries of your world get huge when you open it up to blogging,” she said. “The main thing is to just do it.”

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