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A Christmas Tale

Once upon a time, there was a harbor — Prairie Harbor — a lonely, abandoned dock service on Mitchell Lake.

The harbor had a secret, a hidden secret. No one even knew about the secret besides John M. Prairie, the owner and founder of Prairie Harbor. He died in 1932.

Right after the business was up and running, a fire started, a big fire, and killed 23 people on the night of Aug. 9, 1872.

The town was devastated from the catastrophe; no one knew about the secret of how it burned, but nobody really wanted to know.

When the fire broke out, a by-standing woman called the local fire department; the fire engines came rushing around the corner to put out the fire.

Well, now in 2003, a small family just moved down the street at 1450 Flint Drive. The family had four people. They were the James family.

Their son, 12-year-old Jerrod asked his mother if he can go explore the town and she told him sure.

Jerrod was off. He pedaled his bike out of the driveway and onto the street, and went west, the direction of the harbor. He stopped in front of the harbor, and glared. He rode to the front gate, parked his bike, and climbed the fence.

He was in, jaw dropped to the floor, in awe. He slowly walked to the office, opened the front door and found a little Christmas tree with lights on it, sparkling in a dark corner, with glass bulbs. Red, blue and green decorated the tree.

He walked outside and walked to the welding shop and opened the door, being sure not to make a sound. He stepped in and saw a tarp covering something. Jerrod took the tarp off of the object. It was Santa’s sleigh.

Jerrod thought maybe somebody made a replica of Santa’s sleigh, but at that moment, a man with a long beard, big fat belly, appeared, wearing a T-shirt with a coffee stain on the front.

Jerrod glared, and then the man said, “Ho! Ho! Ho! My little boy. What brings you here?”

Jerrod replied, “My family just moved in the neighborhood and I was exploring the town when I saw this place.”

Santa showed Jerrod his reindeer, summer home and his car, a Ferrari F-30.

“WOW!” Jerrod said with great exclamation.

“I know, right?” Santa replied.

Jerrod went home and went to the kitchen to splash some water on his face and get some lunch.

He saw something on his arm. It felt weird. He started slapping it, trying to kill it, but it didn’t die, so he pinched it, harder and harder. Suddenly in a jerking motion, he woke up, fast! He just realized it was a dream and it was his cat that tickled his arm.

Jerrod went downstairs to get some water and he saw something — a big fat person going out his door. Could it have been Santa? He didn’t know and he didn’t care.

He went to bed and woke up the next morning and went running downstairs to start Christmas!