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Christmas Tree Woods

The day before Christmas Eve I awoke to the sound of sizzling bacon. It was the crack of dawn and I heard my parents quietly talking. I sprang out of bed because I remembered that today we would harvest our Christmas tree. I jumped into my warmest clothes and ran to our table and sat down. Once all nine of us were at the table we thanked the Lord for our food and ate bacon and pancakes.

“Now, we can get the Christmas tree?” asked my younger brother, Blaise.

“Yes, we can,” said my dad. Scrambling into our snow clothes, I talked excitedly about whom would pull our one-year-old baby brother on the sled. Once we were outside my mom brought white candles and gave one to everyone but little Bo. Mom lit them. Dad got down the long orange sled to tow our tree. Bo climbed into it because he was not quite old enough to be trudging through snow. My mom snuggled a warm blanket around him.

It was so dark outside that you could only see the person in front of you. We walked silently through the winter wonderland carefully holding the candles to light the way. The only sounds I heard were deep breaths going back and forth and the crunching of snow under our boots. Even was quiet as a mouse.

Walking past many trees, we didn’t any that seemed to fit our tiny home. As the sun began to rise, we finally came to the perfect evergreen tree. We all agreed that it was the best. We gently blew out our candles. Dad cut down the tree and as it fell we all yelled, “Timber!”

On Christmas Eve when our family lights up our dazzling Christmas tree, I think of newborn baby Jesus and all the angels and shepherds adoring him. Christmas is not about whom has the best Christmas tree or the biggest presents. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Lord and thanking him for family. I guess that is why my favorite part of Christmas is selecting our Christmas tree from our Christmas tree woods.