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Marry me, Christmas

Christmas was on her way home, smiling all the way.

There was a lot of snow on the ground and her parents always told her to drive carefully and she remembered every time.

She had a good day at her job and Nick had come to see her. He gave her flowers and told her he would bring flowers everyday until Christmas, only on Christmas Day would he bring the biggest bouquet to her.

He was so sweet and he called her Christy for short and she loved it.

Christmas’ father didn’t really approve of Nick. But still Nick respected Christy’s parents and told them he would take care of Christy. Christy’s father had different plans for her though.

Once Christy got home her father saw the flowers, but said nothing.

The next days Christy worked hard. Nick came by everyday, like he said, and gave her the flowers.

Every day Christy got home, her father looked at the flowers. He decided to pray about it then the next day he went to see and talk to Nick.

Nick understood everything Christy’s father said and Nick respected it. Nick said he would stop bringing Christy flowers and just be friends with her.

On Christmas Eve, Christy was driving back home from work. The roads were slipperier than ever. She drove very carefully until...

Christy woke up in a hospital room, hurting.

The doctor came in and said Christy was paralyzed from the waist down.

Christy’s parents rushed in. They talked and cried. Her father looked sad and worried. Christy knew that her father loved her very much.

The doctor said Christy needed to sleep. Her parents were sad that she couldn’t come home for Christmas, but they knew that she would be alright. Christy’s parents went home, but stopped by Nick’s to talk.

Christmas Day had come at last. Christy was happy that it was finally here.

That afternoon Nick stopped by with Christy’s parents. Her parents waited out of the room though.

Nick was hiding something and Christy asked what it was. He brought it around his back and Christy saw it was the big bouquet of flowers.

Nick told her he wanted to keep his promise. Christy smiled and thanked him.

Then out of nowhere, Nick pulled out a ring and said, “Marry me, “Christmas.”

Christy couldn’t speak. Nick told her that he talked to her parents and they said that it was OK.

Christy peeked around the corner of the door and saw her father smiling right at her.