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My Time as Santa's Helper

The holidays. They say that it is such a wondrous time to celebrate the birth of our savior and to experience the joy of giving to others.

Sounds simple, right?

In one way, it is true; but in other ways, wrong. Some people don’t have any holiday spirit, which is why I’m telling you about this dream I had one night.

In my dream, I was helping Santa deliver presents to the good children of the world. We traveled all over the world, from London to Paris, from Rome to Moscow, and from Cairo to Tokyo. Seems like a real pleasant dream doesn’t it? That may be true, but that was until Santa and I got to my home in Staples.

We did the deliveries to the houses of the good kids, and after I delivered the last present, Santa sent me to a part of town to make sure the presents had been delivered to those houses.

I went and checked the houses and they all got their presents. Unfortunately though, when I got back, I saw police officers talking to Santa and inspecting his sleigh.

I asked one of them what was going on, and he told me that Santa was accused of stealing presents from children.

I said to them, “Have you gone mad? Santa is a saint; he would never steal anything. Besides, if he has been stealing, that sack should be full even if he made the deliveries.”

After that, the police officers left us alone, and Santa told me, “That was the right thing you said, Tristan.”

Just when I was about to head back to my house, I saw that the door to that one house was open. Inside, was my archenemy. He was this one kid at my school that always picks on me; he’s jealous of me and he always tries to bully me. At first I accused him of making the false accusations, and as I was running toward him, I tripped and fell in front of him. As I got up I heard him say the hard truth about Santa that we all eventually learn to know. After I heard him say that, I woke up.

I wish I could tell you the truth, but I don’t want to spoil it for the children. Besides, if you just believe, you will certainly feel the magic of Christmas inside all of us.

So, on behalf of the North Pole, Santa, and all believers in the world: God bless you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.