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Who Am I?

Who am I you ask?

I have some very peculiar qualities. Some good, and some not as good.

Let’s start with my good qualities. I have many.

I make families forget their worries for one day, and come together. I make little kids feel sheer joy. I spawn at least five movies a year and dozens of children’s books. I make people sing in glory. I make a lot businesses close down and take a break fromw work. I make families go all out and set up the biggest and flashiest decorations to their house together. I cause competitions such as “ugliest sweater contests.” I cause school to be canceled. I cause people to volunteer at nursing homes, ring the Salvation Army bell outside in the cold for hours, and also an increase in food donations for the ones who don’t have any.

Then, with good, comes the bad qualities.

I cause a riot of shoppers pushing, shoving, hurting people, climbing across, doing anything to get amazing prices on gifts. I cause disappointment when kids don’t get what they expect with parents in debt. I cause sorrow when a family has to spend their day without a loved one in the military. I cause people to forget about preparing food and scramble to make it the next morning. I flood your television with ads. I burn a huge hole in your wallet.

Some of my bad qualities only happen because some people lose sight of what’s really important about me. They forget why it’s called Christmas. They forget the real reason we celebrate it. They forget it’s not all about who received or gave the most expensive gift out there.

I come every year and flood the streets with peace and a sense of happiness.

Who am I you ask? I am the Spirit of Christmas.