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Our dark demons

Somehow we have released the dark demons which civilization has spent centuries trying to contain. What are these demons? They are bigotry, violence and a sense of personal entitlement to act as we please.

How have we done this? We have found every specious argument to justify violence, abuse, and human disregard. We have released these dark demons and revel in the destruction. We have been conditioned by our continuing wars in other lands. We have been propagandized to accept them.

We seem to see death as a solution. We are the only Western nation that still has the death penalty. We pass “stand your ground” laws. We see killing as a part of lower class life. We accept mass shootings, even in schools.

Somehow we have warped from a democracy in which people work together to make a sane and civil society, into a society that defines freedom as “doing whatever you want” and justifies it with a personal belief system that ignores social norms, scientific findings and the hard-won wisdom of a civilized society.

When it has become acceptable to allow children to be gunned down, to have a president publicly lynched in effigy, to speak of women in such derogatory terms, to openly carry guns like it is the Wild West, to cheer for the death penalty during political campaigns, to exhibit such open and shocking disregard for people of different lifestyles, different races or ethnicity, different religions or simply different world views, we have nearly lost our right to be called a civilized society.

No longer can we stand on the sidelines and shake our heads and wring our hands, we must step up to save our society and to begin to put those demons back in the box.