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Lawmakers work hard

Crow Wing County is fortunate to have two of the finest hard working and effective state representatives in the Minnesota Legislature. Representatives Joe Radinovich and John Ward helped make the last legislative session one of the most successful in many years. They helped provide tax relief for most of our citizens and leadership to improve education for thousands of Minnesota school children, our state and country’s future. They were the only local legislators to vote for funding to protect our Minnesota lakes from invasive species. The lakes in this area are the life blood for many businesses and employment.

Rep. Ward was a leader in the state bonding bill which provided funds for improvements at the Central Lakes College including both Brainerd and Staples. Once again they were the only local legislators to provide support. Rep. Radinovich led the way to help small and mid-sized manufacturers grow and provide jobs. He was also the leader in providing emergency heating assistance to families struggling through a terrible cold winter.

And John and Joe were the only local legislators that voted to help the senior citizen Meals on Wheels program, helping thousands of people with a meal in their homes. Representatives Radinovich and Ward work hard for this district and the state. It’s their leadership that makes a difference.