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Guns and violence

We may not have had an official blizzard this winter, we sure have one now. The “s” word this time is skeeters!

Just a few thoughts on guns and violence. The camps are pretty set on both sides of this issue with a few of us in the middle. Too many, however, think guns and violence are synonymous. Violence is violence. It doesn’t take a gun. It doesn’t matter what the implement of destruction is. What matters is the human trigger.

I’ll say it again, less and less of God in society and you have less and less civility, respect for life and others, feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, aimlessness, anger, hostility, lack of self-worth, seeking pleasure and not even knowing what pleasure they want and becoming upset when it’s not what they want or think they want, they act out. The Santa Barbara killer hated women and thought it was justified.

Don’t be so pro gun control. Only cons haul guns. A little play on words. Look at Australia’s total gun ban and crime went up in the double digits. Not a good outcome!

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Ps. 4b:1. We are in trouble, do not lose hope and do not put your head in the Bible like an ostrich in the sand either, the world is looking to us to be the light to lead the example of what to do and act as Christ’s followers.

Pray, get to know the candidates and where and what they stand for and believe and pray again.

God bless and guide us. Amen.