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Flag protocol

With July 4 days away, I did a search on the Internet on how the flag is to be properly displayed. It became a real history education for me.

I went to we which brings you to the Betsy Ross home page. It has several tabs to click on giving a wealth of information on the flag. Also, at the lower part of the page is an animation of the proper folding of the flag.  It also contains information in the proper placement of the flag on a speaker’s platform and that it is to be placed in a certain direction to the speaker.

I was unaware a Federal Flag Code even existed. To quote the site: "On June 22, 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Federal Flag Code which led to congressional enactment on December 22, 1942."  It it is in the United States Code Title 4 and you can read it on this site. The tabs of Frequently Asked Questions, Flag Code and Wall of Shame are a few. I guarantee that if you read all the information on this site, you will look at our United States flag, the symbol of our freedom with an entire new respect and appreciation.