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Change is inevitable

Well it is the Fourth of July season, my conservative are friends trying to demonstrate how patriotic they are. It puts me in mind of when the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was a bunch of progressives fighting with conservatives; most of the conservatives took ships back to England or up to St. John, New Brunswick. A trip to St. John can provide a lesson in American history that is treated quite differently than the history taught in our history books.

Conservatism keeps returning. It was much of the basis for the Civil War. It is our right to have slaves, I’ve even heard an argument that it is a man’s constitutional right to beat his wife and kids. The main premise of conservatism is to be against change. Change is inevitable but some just like to fight.

Most agree that two things are for certain, death and taxes. They are just part of change and progress. The futility of trying to stop progress is lost on conservatives. Instead of trying to shape the future for the better, they try to stop progress. This futility makes them bitter and shrivels their souls; while many are naturally generous they get more and more worried about the future and cut themselves off from the joys of living generous lives. 

We now have a conservative Congress; they have the distinction of being the laziest congress on record. They adopted a three-day work week for themselves. They only bring up bills that they know they can pass so no discussion is necessary. They passed the same bill that wouldn’t get enacted into law 40 times. They can’t even learn the basic premise that if you do the same thing the same way it will get the same result