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Thanks to Ward and Radinovich

I just returned from the Brainerd Fourth of July Parade and was reminded of many of the things we who are fortunate to live in the Brainerd lakes area are blessed with. As a parent and an educator, in my opinion two of those positives are Representative John Ward and Representative Joe Radinovich. They have both placed our public school students at the top of their list of priorities. For instance, in the recently completed legislative session, they supported and help pass the following pieces of legislation impacting our most important resource - our children:

• Increases in funding for our early learners.

• Full funding for all day every day Kindergarten.

• Levy equalization funding increases to bring outstate school funding more in line with metro school funding.

Funding that supports our earliest learners has been proven to provide dramatic positive results and the largest "bang for the buck" so it is fiscally responsible.

John and Joe have repeatedly shown they have the students and communities of our area, and outstate Minnesota, as the focus of their efforts at the Capitol. Watching John and Joe interact with the many parade attendees reminded me of their true connection to this area and motivated me to write this letter. Thank you, John and Joe!