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Grandma’s marathon

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went to Duluth for Grandmas Marathon. No, don’t get me wrong, not to run it, just spectators. This old mans days of running are over, unless you include an occasional sprint to the bathroom. Pat’s daughter and friend were doing the running. I used to be a runner though, back in the day, so this was dear to my heart. 26.2 miles you have to be nuts huh? Maybe a little, but a good I have to tip my hat to the city of Duluth for the preparations and the atmosphere they provided. I mean a day trip to Duluth with all of its history and scenery is a good day in itself right? But that day the city was electric and it was hard to not get caught up in the action. We camped out on the finish line and in way it’s a test of your emotions when you see how committed the runners are and view their emotions. Many of them come over that line exhausted and out on their feet. Others are jubilant and brought to tears because they realize they did it and can’t believe the feeling. My special moment was the gal who did a cartwheel over the finish line. It was like hitting a three pointer at the buzzer wining the game.

I have feelings that the commitment to train and run like that shows me a lot about the people who did it. These are people who will use that same commitment in their everyday lives and this nation will be better off for having them in it. A special recognition to Nicky and Greg for giving us a reason for being there and completing