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‘A good problem’

In his Guest Opinion, “Constitution, not illegal immigration is ‘central to our way of life,’ ” Mr. Cal Thomas criticized our president for saying “welcoming people to America is central to our way of life.” He used the president’s comment to criticize him for illegal immigration. He further insinuated that President Obama is “flooding the country with illegal immigrants” to bolster the Democratic Party. I thought illegal immigration was the problem of our great country, home of the free! It is a good problem unless you prefer to take down the Statue of Liberty and assume that all “those people” are diseased liabilities. We do have a problem with illegal immigration because we know how to treat people with respect and hospitality. Dealing with passionate people seeking new life is a messy business. Rather than criticizing this president (or any of our presidents) for too many illegal immigrants crossing our borders, this president ought to be applauded for his leadership in sustaining the good qualities of American life - like fighting for a living wage, human rights, racial and gender equality, and … and … that makes these United States so desirable.