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Untruths about South 6th

Untruths in Ed Shaw’s Reader Opinion. He states that the only cost of the bike lanes would be the paint. How about the labor to paint them. But this is the least of it. The street was rebuilt using gas tax monies and property owner assessments. It would be grossly inappropriate to use the taxpayer street for bike lanes; the homeowners will lose the parking in front of their homes.

We do not need these bike lanes and they can not be justified by previous usage. I live in sight of Willow Street and there are very few bikes that use this street. It’s time to stop this special interest group who want these bike lanes. This is a heavy traffic street and the congestion from these lanes should not be created.

South Sixth Street pedestrian traffic is limited to the sidewalks and the bikes are welcome to use these.

The street should remain a five-lane street; yes the traffic counts now are not too high but MnDOT’s forecast is for increased traffic counts in the future.

Yes Mr. Shaw is a business owner and has four rental properties on South Sixth Street but this should not preclude others from having a safe street with sufficient traffic lanes and not mixing bikes with cars on a main highway. Parking along this main street would cause accidents and traffic delays with cars entering and exiting parking. Safety could be best achieved by placing stoplights at South Sixth and Willow. Also by moving the bikes to the trail a few blocks to the east. This trail has very little use.

Progressive cities do not mix high volume traffic with bikes.