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Separate Iraqis

Many of us, the 30 percent that Bill O’Reilly called “pinheads,” predicted that President Bush would stir up a “hornet’s nest” in Iraq if he took down Saddam Hussein. The 70 percent were called “patriots.” I was even told that Democrats couldn’t or shouldn’t wear “patriotic” attire.

Years later, my son asked his Iraqi translator (a doctor) if his country was better off before the invasion or after. It took him a while to answer, but this is what he said, and I quote: “I hate to say this but I think we were better off before the invasion.”

Saddam, as bad as he was, ruled the country with an iron fist. Sectarian violence wasn’t “explosive” as it is now. Infrastructure and social life were workable and livable.

Now the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites are killing each other for religious and cultural supremacy.

Vice President Biden suggested years ago that Iraq should be split into three different states - one Sunni, one Kurd and one Shiite - to eliminate conflicts. He was mocked for even bringing up the idea.

A theocracy, led by “radicals” or “extremists” like the current ISIS leader, would lead to problems throughout the world.

It was a major mistake to go into Iraq on false premises and now the “hornets” are stinging each other with religious fervor.

Separate them fast or ISIS will turn Syria and Iraq into a caliphate bent on destruction of the free world.

P.S., our kids should not be standing between these 15th century lunatics. They are too valuable. Let them kill each other and then, if they become a severe threat, blow them to “kingdom come.” Seventy-two “vestal virgins” await them!