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Questions for Ward

I received a mailing from John Ward talking about his accomplishments during the last legislative session. This mailing should have had the headline of “How many of your taxpayer dollars did I spend.”

A few of the things he brags about are:

Providing high-speed Internet to more rural communities, the problem of rising student debt and investing in roads, bridges and highways.

My questions for John:

Why are we not looking to companies like CTC to provide high-speed Internet to rural communities?

Companies like CTC and Charter should be the ones focused on providing these services to communities not government. Companies know the way to increase business and make money is to increase their customer base, which means they need to and want to expand their footprint in the communities they service. Why is government spending money on this?

Do people really think the government can fix student loan debt?

The problem with student loan debt is we have made it too easy for students to get massive loans for an education that won’t get them out of debt when they graduate. I received two degrees from Bemidji State University and graduated debt-free. I joined the National Guard and went to school with the GI Bill. We need to focus on getting students quality education that will give them a future in the workplace, not bailing out students and universities.

If John wants to improve roads and bridges, why are the Democrats so focused on mass transit?

We need to stop robbing the gas tax dollars, which should be going to roads and bridges, and spending them on trains in the metro. According to the Met Council the 11 miles of Green Line cost taxpayers $957 million. That’s waste.

We need to ask John, “who do you represent?”